Dinosaur Comics (with mouseover texts)

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comic "Dinosaur Comics"
start_at "http://qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1"
for page in visit("""<a title="Next comic" rel="next" href="(?<content>[^"]*?)">"""):
    download("""<img src="(?<content>[^"]*?)" class="comic" title="[^"]*?">""")
    header_text = match("""<div class="headertext">(?<content>.*?)</div><center>""") as (string)
    if header_text != null:
        warn("{0} ~HEADER TEXT ~{1}" % (page, header_text[0]))
    cartoon_title = match("""<span class="rss-title">(?<content>.*?)</span> -->""") as (string)
    if cartoon_title != null:
        warn("{0} ~TITLE ~{1}" % (page, cartoon_title[0]))
    cartoon_text = match("""<img src="[^"]*?" class="comic" title="(?<content>[^"]*?)">""") as (string)
    if cartoon_text != null:
        warn("{0} ~TEXT ~{1}" % (page, cartoon_text[0]))
# Comments appear in the log file with the header (visible title), if one exists, as well as the title and mouseover text of each cartoon.
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