Wondermark (with mouseover texts)

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comic "Wondermark"
start_at "http://wondermark.com/001/"
for page in visit("""<a href="(?<content>.*?)" rel="next">"""):
    download("""<div id="comic">            <img src="(?<content>.*?)" alt="[^"]*?" title="[^"]*?" />""")
    cartoon_title = match("""title="Permanent Link: (?<content>[^"]*?)">""") as (string)
    if cartoon_title != null:
        warn("{0} ~TITLE ~{1}" % (page, cartoon_title[0]))
    cartoon_text = match("""<div id="comic">            <img src="[^"]*?" alt="(?<content>[^"]*?)" title="[^"]*?" />""") as (string)
    if cartoon_text != null:
        warn("{0} ~TEXT ~{1}" % (page, cartoon_text[0]))
# Comments appear in the log file with the title and mouseover text of each cartoon.
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